Elastic Staking

A novel elastic supply DeFi protocol that provides in-built staking integrated in the smart contract

How EStake Algorithm Works

Price Based Elasticity

The calculation of the wallet balance is linked to the Ethereum basket

Target Price = Current Ethereum Price/N

APY = (current price – target price) * wallet balance / ( target price * lag factor).

For example, if a user has 1000 EStake, ETH price is 400 and value of N is also 400

At a current price of $1.50 and lag factor 50, the updated wallet balance would be adjusted by: 

(1.50 – 1) * 1000 / (1 * 50) = 10

The new wallet balance would be: 1010 EStake.

Holding Based Elasticity

Holders will get additional rewards as per their days of holding

Suppose a Wallet user is holding EStake Tokens for a certain number of days.

The APY(Annuliased Percentage Yield) will be boosted as follows:

Holding days APY
Day 1 36%
Day 2 72%
Day 3 108%
Day N 36*N%

Net APY = AX + BY

A = Lag factor

X = Price Factor

B = Number of holding days

Y = Daily Reward

Why Choose Elastic Stake?

Features Conventional Staking EStake
Ownership of tokens
Flexible APY
Flexible maturity period
Smart Contract inbuilt staking
Unstake anytime
Holder’s additional APY growth
Automatic restaking of rewards